Ghost Facts
Ghost facts are few and far between, but these facts about ghost are for true believers only.







Ghost Facts

It is often hard to separate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to the supernatural.  Who knows the real ghost facts from the false, and those who truly believe are often fed a lot of lies or half truths.  The truth is, no one really knows for sure.  These ghost facts are collected from the professionals, those who hunt ghosts or have experienced them, creating one of the most comprehensive pages with facts about ghost you can find online.

Types of Ghosts

Before delving into specifics, understanding the kinds of hunting's a person can experience is important.  Many experts believe these are the kinds of spirits a person is likely to encounter.

  • Human Spirit - A ghost that was once a human and has died, remaining here for some reason.  Commonly cited reasons include guilt, unfinished business, denial of death, or an inability to move on.

  • Past Recreation - Some events leave ripples, and a person may experience a playback of certain events.  This is known as a residual haunting.  They often include the same activities, noises, and other sensory perceptions repeated over and over again during a period of time.  No spirit is involved with this.

  • Animal Spirits - This is debated by some, but accepted by enough to be included.  Pets, animals, even wild creatures and remain here after death, acting in similar fashions to a human ghost.

  • Non-Human Spirits - Yes, these are demons and malevolent beings.  A person will rarely encounter them, and a negative, mean, or aggressive human spirit can often be misinterpreted as a demon.  This classification is controversial to many, but a number of researchers believe in their existence.

Now that the types of ghosts are established, let's get into the ghost facts.

Facts About Ghosts

We don't know a lot about ghosts.  In fact, a number of the ghost facts you can find online discuss how a ghost is feeling, why they do what they do, and what they enjoy.  No one knows this for sure.   Here are some facts we do know for sure.

  • Ghosts can interact with their environment, moving objects, manifesting in areas, making sounds, or even speaking and conversing at low decibel levels.

  • Spirits can also appear on film and video.  Their manifestations can be recorded via either film or digital imagery techniques, but clear photos and videos are hard to capture.  People will rarely see ghosts outside of pictures and video.

  • All they generally want is attention, and ghosts rarely cause harm to a person.  Recorded attacks against a living human do exist, but most ghosts interact with the surrounding environment to get out attention and avoid violent actions.

  • A ghost tends to change the temperature of a room, making it colder, and rarely, hotter, than it was.  This is used by ghost hunters to identify when a ghost has entered a room.  It is not known whether this is a natural reaction to their presence, or if they just want to feel more comfortable.

  • Ghosts can be tracked using and EMF meter, a detector used to measure electric fields.

  • Want to speak with a ghost.  Ask questions using a digital recorder.  They often answer at low decibel levels, which you can hear during a playback at higher volumes.  These are known as EPVs.

  • People of any age can become a ghost.  Ghosts have been known to be any age, including children and even babies!

  • Poltergeists are spirits, or potential non-human entities, that enjoy moving objects and playing pranks.  They may even tamper with lights or accidentally (possibly intentionally) cause harm to people.

  • Reports of ghost and demons exist throughout history, even if you exclude biblical times and historical and religious reference materials like the Bible.
    • One of the most famous records is from Athens in the first century A.D.  Pliny told people his home was haunted by an old man with a white beard who went around rattling chains.

  • There are thousand of haunted places found throughout the world.  You can view a nice index of them right here, and a list of famous hauntings right here.

  • A number of ghost pictures and video are faked using computer manipulation or photography techniques.  These fakes are not always obvious, and have fooled a number of people.

  • While there is no definitive scientific proof that ghosts exist, there is also little to disprove their existence.  Science has only been able to remove proof from the debate.

Hopefully these ghost facts are more informative than the old list still circulating the web, which you can view here.  Below are some videos that show these ghost facts are true.  Many contain a number of videos or images giving some support to the above facts.


This video shows a large compilation of videos and pictures, giving support to all the great ghost facts on this page.

And this is by far the scariest ghost video you can find online.  Show this to everyone who is looking for proof, or just a good scare!